Beginning in November 2019 and running through 2020, American Suburb X and Void will embark on a series of laboratory collaborations inviting high-profile international artists working with photography to Athens, Greece. The thematic Laboratories will offer up to 20 guests a multi-faceted experience. Available to participants of the laboratory will be historical overviews of the laboratory theme led by the artist, a member of American Suburb X and the Void team. Also available in addition to the general practice of the laboratory will be a zine-making station within the central space. Though not compulsory, having the machinery to produce a zine is one of the experiences that makes our laboratory stand out.

We will be also use the space for peer review modules, which will be conducted under the tutelage of the artist and laboratory team. A selection of chosen participant’s work at the end of project will also feature on American Suburb X. We will conclude the workshops with a public gathering and conversation between the artist and members of the laboratory leaders. Work made during the laboratory will be projected for the public to see.

We have chosen November to launch our workshops as it gives the international community travelling from afar a chance to attend Parisphoto and book one of our workshops on either side. Our first workshop will commence the week before Parisphoto and the second the week after.


What do I need?



The laboratory will offer zine making and a space in which participants may work on desks and interior settings may be used if necessary for shooting so long as it is conducted with permission and not at the cost of space used by other participants. Cameras, laptops, film and all associated needs are per individual. We will provide a list of camera shops in Athens that may have rental possibilities. If you have a special need for the workshop, we will do our best to help solve any inquiry given it is tendered in an effective timeframe before the workshop begins.


We will be using the city of Athens as the natural backdrop for the laboratory with a central headquarter location in the heart of Athens located at Void’s gallery and office. Athens offers a wide range of possibility for creating work, its frenetic pace and historical backdrop create a city of contradiction in which both beauty and bother are found in one thriving location.

Accommodation and Travel

Accommodation and travel are completely handled by the participant and are not included in the laboratory fee structure.  If participants wish to speak with other participants for the laboratory to explore AirBn’s possibilities, etc, we will do our best to put one another in contact through a closed Facebook group. We will also have a small number of suggestions for participants on where they can stay, but suggest that participants begin the process of booking arrangements no later than September to avoid higher prices or lack of accommodation. Athens is a beautiful city full of very reasonable possibility for lodging, but with any capital city, it should not be a foregone conclusion that prices remain inflexible to rising closer to the laboratory date.


Interested parties should apply as soon as possible to the laboratory with relevant projects in process already. A portfolio is necessary for this application. We expect seats to fill quickly due to the high level of professional community involved. We will be offering discounts on early bird seats beginning this summer.


Early Bird payments must be completed in full to be eligible for discount by the date advertised without exception. All payments must be tendered with Term and conditions contracts signed.



American Suburb X is a leading photographic journal found in 2008. Brad Feuerhelm has been the managing editor since 2012 and Sunil Shah began his editor position with the journal in 2015. American Suburb X features weekly critical investigations about art, politics and photography through interviews, photobook reviews and critical writing.

Void: Formed in 2016, Void is an independent publisher, an alternative exhibition space, and also an educational space for photography in the heart of Athens.

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What if I book the laboratory and pay the deposit or full amount and cannot attend?

The deposit is non-refundable three months before the workshop is set to begin. We have taken the responsibility to book many of the costs associated with the workshop from out of our own pocket and thus doing so will not be able to honor late cancellations as a matter of policy, nor can we allow a seat to be sold which is already booked. It creates confusion and our policy is meant to ensure that the artist, the laboratory and other participants are safe-guarded from problems caused by extraneous forces. However, we are not inhuman. We understand problems arise and there is a possibility that we can credit your deposit towards a future workshop facilitated with us within a six month timeframe so that in the event of a cancellation from your side, we can discuss how you can participate in our laboratory in the future with the same deposit.

Is there an “early bird” price and when do I have to pay it in order to achieve the discount?

Yes, there is an early bird special and the timeframes will be publicly advertised on all pertinent channels as well as their closing dates and how to pay. 

Is Athens a dangerous place?

No more than anywhere else. If you peer into the abyss, it will peer back at you. Use common sense, but Athens by and large is fairly friendly. We can point out areas that you may want to avoid if you are unsure. 

Do I have to pay entry fees to public places such as parks, zoos, and institutions etc if it reflects where I need to make work for the laboratory?

To be clear, all associated costs outside of the attendance are strictly paid by the participant. If the artist leading the course wishes to take the group to a museum etc to show work, it will be on the cost of the participant to go there and we would sensibly ask the artist lead not to make it mandatory, etc.

Will I have my work featured for sure on American Suburb X?

No, ASX will be choosing works to view and to put into context for articles and interviews at the end of the laboratory. ASX will ask permission for its editorial content chosen from the work made during the proceedings. The procedure is completely editorial and in so, rests with the managing editor.