Created in October 2016, Void is a non profit organization focused on alternative publishing, exhibitions and education.

Our goal is to engage in a series of projects around photography and other visual arts.

We are open to new ideas, and you are more than welcome to get involved and be part of our projects. It's our goal to make Void a platform for exchanging ideas with people living both in Greece and abroad. We have collaborated with many Greek and International photographers and institutions like Athens Photo Festival, Gomma Books & GrantIstanbul Photobook Festival, Lucy Art ResidencyPHmuseumLensCulture among others.


Tousa Mpotsari 20
Athens, 117 41

5 minutes from Syngrou-Fix station

Don't be shy, write to Void.

Submitting your work

We are very keen to receive your submission. We mean it. Portfolio submissions are always reviewed (most of the time, not as fast as the artists expect). However, before you send it, you are warned: we can't reply with individual feedbacks. Not for lack of respect, but for the simple, physical, and solely lack of time.

Void is a small but very passionate team, formed by only 3 overworking members, struggling hard to deliver the best results to the projects that are already in-house. For this reason, be patient.

If we fall in love with your project, you will know it. One day. But you will.
Now, send us that PDF. We are as curious as busy.


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