Battle Zine is an intense experience/event by Void.

A number of photographers and designers are teamed up in pairs. They receive a (small) budget from Void to produce a series of zine in the span of one day. Creating a publication from the scratch. Guerrilla style. Low budget, low-fi, low run.
By the end of the day, the zines are presented and sold. The winner is the team who managed to make the best profit out of it. The winner is published in a larger run by Void.


Void performed 3 Battle Zines so far

VOID bz tipi 1.jpg

01 JUN ‘19 – AT Tipi bookshop – brussels, belgium

The winner was, well… let’s say the night’s event was a bit out of plans, and we can strongly announce that all the 5 zines were winners.

The winners were
‘Actors Rule the World’ by Bebe Blanco Agterberg & designed by Collin Hotermans
‘Beyond Time’ by Julie van der Vaart & designed by Jordi Coppers
‘Dans mon souvenir c’était blanc’ by Serena Vittorini & designed by João Linneu
‘Der Garten’ by Karin Guenter & designed by Félix Vanderdonckt
‘No_Signal’ by Martina Zamboni & designed by Manos Tzavolakis

VOID battlezine19 1.jpg


The winner was
'Dotter’ by Aimilia Balaska & designed by Eirini Vrettou.

’Dotter’ can be purchased at our store.

The other participants were

Ani Ekin Ozdemir, TURKEY
Designed by Christina Dimitra, GREECE

Dimitris Tairis, GREECE
Designed by Manos Tzavolakis, GREECE

Ioanna Fragostefanaki, GREECE
Designed by Void

Karina Shabanova, GREECE
Designed by Zinon Kalfas, GREECE

Matina Nikolaidou, GREECE
Designed by Maximilien Bony, FRANCE

Pietro Lo Casto, ITALY
Designed by Christos Kotsinis, GREECE

Tania Cimatti, ITALY
Designed by Antonia Petriti, GREECE

10 DEC ‘16 – At Void – Athens, Greece

The winner of the first Battle Zine was
(Re)constructing Self Pt. I’ by Kelli Skoularioti & designed by Nefeli Steirou.

’(Re)constructing Self Pt. I’ is sold out now.

The other Battle Zines were

‘A Terrible Beauty’ by Manos Chrisovergis & designed by Jérôme Espitalier
’Government of Things’ by Konstantinos Doupenidis & designed by Valina Mermiga
’haun’ by Vasilis Katsaganis & designed by Eirini Vrettou
’Heosphoros’ by Alexei Siozov & designed by Ersi Tsiantzi
’Horses Internally’ by Thalia Galanopoulou & designed by Jean Julien Bernard
’Quest’ - Kira Alexandropoulo & designed by Angelina Katsouli
’Still Pace’ by Loukas Kiousis & designed by Natalie Mavrota
’Super Market’ by Petros Kokkolis & designed by Anna Kavvasiadi
’The Path I Walk Lights Up In Flames’ by Eirini Angelidi & designed by Meghann Biteau
‘Vaginal Arts Ensemble’ by Christina Apostolou & Marina Fragioudaki
’Your Daily Pietà’ by Fili Olsefski & designed by Andreas Vakalios 

More Battle Zine will happen in the future. If you want to be updated about it and our new projects, subscribe to Void