"Unpacking My Library"
Exhibition catalogue

designed by Void.


Void was assigned to create the catalogue for the occasion of the exhibition “Unpacking My Library”, organized by the National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens (EMST) from 14 JUN ‘18 to 15 JUL ‘18.

Without any creative limitation, but with a tight budget, Void came up with the concept and design for the “Unpacking My Library” catalogue.

VOID Emst invitation FINAL_SMALL.jpg

With a cardboard over-sleeve, that could also become a silkscreen print to be hanged, the publication was made of cheap materials like newspaper paper, cardboard and paper tape.

The catalogue was distributed free of charge for those who attended the exhibition.


Launched on 14 JUN ‘18

30 pages, printed in newspaper paper
Edition of 500 copies
Cardboard over-sleeve with silkscreen artwork
Saddle stitch binding

Concept and design by Void, 2018