From 26 JUN to 08 JUL ‘18
VOID HOSTed "Pale red Dot"

a photographic Exhibition part of the
Athens Photo Festival 18 Official program

Pale Red Dot

From printed photographs to photobooks, “Pale Red Dot” showcases a diverse range of works from Japanese artists, defying the expectations of a an aesthetic uniformity originating from the Nipponese island. Like waves meeting, crushing, merging, and then separate again into new forms and directions, “Pale Red Dot” explores the common elements that lead to the creation of different voices of Japanese photography today. Inspired by the astronomical image (“Pale Blue Dot”, as named by Carl Sagan) of the Voyager 1 space probe shot in 1990, the exhibition explores the sense of isolation belonging to the Japanese culture, yet conferring attention to the curious gaze Japan aims towards the outer world. Changes in the landscape, caused by modernization and natural disasters, created a sense of uncertainty in the cultural and physical identity of Japan, unfolding a national fragility long disappeared since the rebuilding of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The cultural introspection through which Japan looks at the world, emotionally charges the personal and collective landscapes explored by the Japanese artists, creating a soft bridge made of paper in which stories from Japan are playfully blent with the Oriental perception of the Western world.


Eriko Masaoka • Hiro Tanaka • Kentaro Mori • Mankichi Shinshi • Masaru Takahashi • Miyuki Okuyama • Ryosuke Takamura • Tomoko Daido • Tsutomu Yamagata • Yoshikatsu Fujii • Yuki93 • Yusuke Takagi • Yuu Matsui

+ A selection of Japanese Photobooks from the archive of Athens Photo Festiva

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