My Dearest Javanese Concubine’
Outtakes Limited Edition

A book by LucA Desienna, published by Void.

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“Luca Desienna’s ‘My Dearest Javanese Concubine’ is an intense and personal visiont of the lives of two Javanese people - Tira and Dayang. Its blend of intensely personal images, sense of commitment from Luca and a mix of the emotional and documentary hit the spot for me. It’s on the edge of several different things, but somehow Luca’s very passionate and personal commitment keeps it from tipping over.”

Colin Pantall

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Invited by Luca Desienna to create a limited edition of ‘My Dearest Javanese Concubine’ (Published in 2019 by BlowUp), Void proposes an alternative reading of the project. The Outtakes Limited Edition by Void includes material edited out of the standard edition, showing the background of the project and all those impressive photos that otherwise would not see the light of day.

A far away intimate universe. A kind of magic.
— Lorenzo Castore

18,5 x 27 cm
112 pages
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition of 100 copies
Cloth Hardcover
With an exclusive conversation between Michael Ackerman and Luca Desienna

ISBN 978-618-83318-8-4