A workshop on & about Kavala.

Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt
joined Void on a 6-day workshop
in the Greek town of Kavala


“1+1=3 aSynecdoche Kavala” was a workshop that took place in the city of Kavala, in the north of Greece. The workshop was divided into 2 different moments.

First, 9 participants from 5 different countries worked to develope a photographic project about Kavala, with the guidance of the Swedish artist Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt.

The second part of the working week was lead by Void’s team. A book was discussed, edited, designed, printed and bound in 3 days, in close collaboration with all the artists.

The publication, named “Straight Cut” was launched in the night of the main event of Lucy Art Residency Festival, 23 JUN '18.


straight cut

Locals and foreigners paired and confronted distinctive views about the same subject: the attached and knowledgeable view of those who are used with Kavala and its stories vs. the visitors’ gaze and their new perceptions and paradigms.


Lucy Art Residency

Lucy Art Residency is a program that offers the opportunity for artists based in Europe, whose main practice is photography focused to spend a 2-week residency in Kavala, Greece.


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