Impromptu is a workshop conducted by Void.
Working with photographers who have a complete body of work and would like to present it in the form of a zine, Void edits, creates and produces together with the artists a unique zine for each one. As the name implies... real-time. No tricks, no cards on the sleeve, no formulas.

Past events

Void performed 2 Impromptu events so far:

VOID Impromptu poster small.jpg
VOID Impromptu poster A small.jpg

08 – 10 SEP ‘17 - At Gazebook - Sicily Photobook Festival

3 zines were produced during 3 days of the festival.
You can see them here:

Alessandro Terni - "Scattered Traces #0"
Nicola Avanzinelli - "C.G.N. - 504582"
Yuri Ichioka - "Impromptu"





27 – 30 APR ‘18 - At FUAM For Istanbul Photobook Festival

9 zines were produced in 4 days before the festival and later all of them were presented during the festival.

Alice Hamon - "Champs Libres"
Anı Ekin Özdemir - "Summer Was Over"
Berna Tepe Yüksel - "Delactation"
Cevahir Akbaş - "Hidden"
E. İsmet Örs - "Like Me"
Melike Kocak - "Sometimes I feel like a potato bag under the ocean"
Melis Cantürk - ","
Nina Viviana Cangialosi - "The Snow Abides"
Sevil Alkan - "Stray Dog"

* "The Snow Abides""Hidden", "Like Me", "Stray Dog"  and "Champs Libres" were shortlisted for the Dummy Book Awards at Istanbul Photobook Festival.

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3 zines. No tricks. – Promotional video for Impromptu at Gazebook Festival, Punta Secca, SEP ‘17.

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