vOID is now open For Submissions
for our next Publishing project "Hunger"

7 newspapers will be released.
every 6 weeks starting from February 2018,
1 issue will be published.

Each issue of “Hunger” will contain work of 2 or 3 invited artists as well as a selected artist from the open call.

"A Hunger Artist" - Franz Kafka

"A Hunger Artist" - Franz Kafka


We invite artist using the photographic medium to our "Hunger" project.

Please download the PDF that explains the theme, concept and mechanics in order to submit your work to the open call.

Important note

• All submitting photographers should read the terms and conditions prior to submitting their photographs.

Fee and Support

Zero. No fee. It is free.

We don’t ask for any fee for submitting photographs.
And if selected, we also don’t charge for anything.


08 JAN '18 - Open for submissions
22 JAN '18 - Deadline for submissions
25 JAN '18 - Deadline for shortlisted photographer(s) to submit high resolution files
15 FEB '18 - "Hunger" 1st issue launch


Questions & Submissions