We have a winner.


THe first “Battle Zine” took place on DEC 10, 2016.

12 photographers and 12 designers spenT a whole day in Void creating a zine from the scratch. In guerrilla style. Low budget, low-fi, low run.

Each team (A photographer and a designer) sold their zine at the event, and the most profitable was the winner.

The winner of the first Battle Zine was
"(Re)constructing Self Pt I" by Kelli Skoularioti & designed by Nefeli Steirou.
To be published by Void in January.

The other Battle Zines were:

"A Terrible Beauty" by Manos Chrisovergis & designed by Jérôme Espitalier
"Government of Things" by Konstantinos Doupenidis & designed by Valina Mermiga
"haunH" by Vasilis Katsaganis & designed by Eirini Vrettou
"Heosphoros" by Alexei Siozov & designed by Ersi Tsiantzi
"Horses Internally" by Thalia Galanopoulou & designed by Jean Julien Bernard
"Quest" - Kira Alexandropoulo & designed by Angelina Katsouli
"Still Pace" by Loukas Kiousis & designed by Natalie Mavrota
"Super Market" by Petros Kokkolis & designed by Anna Kavvasiadi
"The Path I Walk Lights Up In Flames" by Eirini Angelidi & designed by Meghann Biteau
"Vaginal Arts Ensemble" by Christina Apostolou & Marina Fragioudaki
"Your Daily Pietà" by Fili Olsefski & designed by Andreas Vakalios 

Instalation "(Re)constructing Self Pt I"  by Kelli Skoularioti & Nefeli Steirou at Void - 27 JAN '17

Instalation "(Re)constructing Self Pt I" by Kelli Skoularioti & Nefeli Steirou at Void - 27 JAN '17

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