Void's first workshop, from 03-08 MAR '17, with Magnum photographer Antoine d’Agata.

A photograph is nothing but a lie.
— Antoine d'Agata
Photograph by Antoine d'Agata, "Cidade de Pedra" (Published by Void , 2016) 

Photograph by Antoine d'Agata, "Cidade de Pedra" (Published by Void , 2016) 

A 6-day workshop with Antoine d’Agata


Antoine d’Agata

“Antoine D’Agata is a contentious character in the worlds of photography and art. (...) His work’s brutal and self-destructive content has a habit of upsetting people.” - Vice Magazine
“The work of french photographer Antoine D’Agata examines the fragile, often merciless, spaces between reality and its hegemonic interpretation. Drawn from his own physical immersion into global underworlds of prostitution, drug addiction, and violence, d’Agata’s intimately graphic retrievals are the product of new photo-documentary.” - Flaunt Magazine


The Workshop

Photos by Jens Lyk-Jensen & Sylvia Sachini

Photos by Jens Lyk-Jensen & Sylvia Sachini

“Photography is not a way to look at the world, but a way to live the world, to take position, to be of the world, in such a way that everything stands for something.” - Antoine d’Agata

Antoine d’Agata’s workshops are known to be a life changing experience. His intense practice has a catalytic impact in the understanding of one’s own work.

During the “Into the Void with Antoine d’Agata” workshop in Athens between 3 and 8 of March 2017, 15 participants from 10 different countries, were chosen to spend 6 days working closely with Antoine during the day and taking photographs by night.

Ekaterina Balaban (Russia), Dusana Baltic (Croatia), Magnus Cederlund (Sweden), Alexandre Charro (Brazil), Celine Croze (Morocco), Penny Demertzi (Greece), Hanna Lindgren (Sweden), Jens Lyk-Jensen (Denmark), Argyro Galani (Greece), Justin Ma (Australia), Madalin Marienut (Romania), Georgia Ponirakou (Greece), Danai Simou (Greece), Penelope Thomaidi (Greece), Laima Vainiņa (Latvia)

All of them developed a personal project under his guidance and pushed their photographic and personal limits, reaching a remarkable results.

During the workshop's last evening, a public exhibition of the resulting projects was held at Void together with a book signing of Antoine’s book “Cidade de Pedra” (Void. 2016), with an overwhelming attendance.

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