Void and (Float.) inviteD artists using the photographic medium, to participate in their project “Found & Lost” that took place between 13-19 JUN ‘17 in (Float.) gallery.

For this first collaboration between Void and (Float.), the gallery’s walls and floor were transformed into a live and pulsating editing table. In the end, a publication was be produced out of this gallery-size editing space.

I lost a world the other day.

Has anybody found?

For a limited number of days, and for this very specific project, we have decided to treat FOUND as an accidental and transient condition instead of an end goal. The longing for being found, discovered, reclaimed is replaced by an acceptance of oblivion’s permanence. By embracing LOST, we release all expectations and allow the possibility of FOUND to be closer to marvel than reassurance.

We invite visitors to act as witnesses in this in-between state of images - after being captured, while being edited, before being published.

The Ground

During the first day of the project, all contributed images were printed within the gallery and spread out in the ground floor space, allowing the process to commence and unfold.
(Float.) had its doors open, so the editing of the publication is open to the public.

The Wall

Frames were created on the walls, which represented the pages of a publication.
The publication was edited in situ on the walls of (Float.). By the end of the 2nd day, the gallery’s walls were the maquette for the publication to be done on the following days.

The Paper

During the 3rd day, the publication was printed in (Float.) to be presented on the night of the 4th day together with the final exhibition-installation that was the result of the editing process.

Fee and Support

Zero. No fee. It is free.

We didn’t ask for any fee for submitting the projects.
And if selected, we also didn’t charge for anything.

Submission information

Submissions are closed for this project.


11 JUN '17 - Deadline for submissions
13 & 14 JUN '17 - Editing at (Float.)
15 & 16 JUN '17 - Printing and zine production at (Float.)
16 JUN '17 - 20h00 - Opening of the exhibition + zine release at (Float.)
17 - 19 JUN '17 - Exhibition stays open from 13h to 19h at (Float.)  



Tousa Botsari 20
117 41  | Athens

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